Red Rock Mountain, 12400ish’

rrm 2

Red Rock Mountain is Gothic’s second-most-distinctive sentinel summit. While really the termination of a long tundra-covered ridge (and thus lacking any “official” prominence), its dramatic west face looms over the townsite and captures the last daylight each evening, bathed in eponymous red alpenglow. Getting to the top of Red Rock from the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab involves heading up the Copper Creek trail until you feel like veering left into the gully and crossing the stream, then heading up a progression of tedious talus slopes to the obvious low saddle and taking the ridge to the summit.

Today, in celebration of being done with wood-stacking duties, I jogged / marched / scrambled up the thing. Hit the summit in about 1:25, and wasn’t much faster on the way down.
rrm 7
The day’s objective looms.
rrm 1
Gothic Mountain and the townsite.
rrm 6
A baby cornice on Red Rock’s summit.
rrm 5

Mt. Crested Butte has to be one of the strangest peaks in the Rockies, rising like a shark fin from the center of a high-desert valley.
rrm 3 ski2013
It’s been warm lately, but last week, the Elk Range wore decidedly different clothes. Not long now.


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