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Just as birdwatching or botanizing becomes “science” once a deliberate experimental design is introduced, the act of skiing or running becomes “training” once there is some sort of deliberate temporal structuring of effort. Which usually means intervals. I’m okay at fitting in the odd hard workout year round, but today marked the reintroduction of weekly bouts of high intensity work. Or thus do I publicly and dully announce.

The motivation: Last week I hopped into my first ski mountaineering race, and was thoroughly humbled. Not since my brief and ill-fated high school nordic career have I been forced to race for an hour-plus entirely at my aerobic threshold. Finding it somewhat lacking, I’ve resolved to move to address the sport’s particular demands, though too late for any real benefit this season, which will wrap up by the end of the month.

Since I prefer to learn things by getting completely in over my head very quickly, I’m entered in both individual and technical teams races at next weekend’s Wasatch Powderkeg, granddaddy of North American skimo events. About 24 miles and 15k’ of racing over two days, including a stretch of fixed ropes requiring via ferrata equipment. Stay posted for updates on team Fink/Linck.

In other news, it’s March, meaning summer has begun its inexorable draw towards a more organized life. There’s still plenty of winter left, but with a month of racing and visitors, life-altering decisions to make, the arrival of scientists in April, and then the final slushy weeks of my tenure here at Gothic I expect to be a bit busier than of late.

All things must end, including idylls of inactivity. I will try my hardest to savor it.



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