Garrett comes to Gothic

garrett (8)
My brother Garrett, of Portland, Ore, flew out during his spring break to spend a week in the cabin. A strong MRG-bred skier, the trip was his first real exposure to the myriad skills and nuances required of backcountry skiing, and my first experience attempting to introduce a new skier to the off-piste universe in a responsible and moderately articulate way. It was rewarding to see his progress over the week with things as varied as avalanche risk assessment, kick-turns, holding an edge on icy traverses while skinning, and skiing fluidly after 2000′ of a leg-burning climb.

Today was his final day in Colorado, and we were treated to some of the best turns I’ve had all season on perfect corn snow. A week before the long dark walk to Aspen, it was nice to know that Ullr cares.
garrett (7) garrett (6)
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