The mundane


One of the winter’s effects has been to transform the spectacular to the mundane. The sheer quality and quantity of notable experiences overwhelm critical faculties. A perfect morning of solitary skiing in a landscape of endless drama becomes routine and unexceptional.

Today was one of those mornings. I circumnavigated the Avery Peak complex by linking up Rustler’s Gulch and Copper Creek. It was one of the first routes I mentally traced on a map last fall, but has been too avalanche prone to ski for most of the winter. Rustler’s Gulch was particularly impressive, but somewhat foreboding in its long expanse of barren white emptiness. I found myself smiling to be back in dense forest flanking Copper Creek — I think I’ll always be most at home in the trees. 14 miles, 3600′, and back by 10 for coffee with G+K. During any other period of my life, a standout tour. Here, a blurb only to jog my memory, because as things wind down I am again trying to not to take things for granted. I am trying not to forget.

Would have been easier not to forget if I hadn’t bumped a dial on my camera and overexposed all the day’s photos, though.


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