2014 by the month

Idea shamelessly stolen from Dave C. One photo per month of the calendar year. Not necessarily my best photos of the year, as those tend to be clustered in particular months. January and February were pretty sparse, and given my druthers I’d have left them out completely, but sticking to arbitrary structures is what separates us from the animals, so they remain. I thought about trying to use only previously unpublished photos, but that seemed best left for a more general collection of the also-rans.

All photos on my trusty Fujifilm X100. It’s been a good one.

January. Alpenglow on Gothic Mountain.
dp (1)
February. The view east up Copper Creek from Snodgrass Mountain, Elk Range, CO.
garrett (5)
March. Garrett, skinning in the Copper Creek drainage.
April. Abiquiu, NM.
the_end (4)
May. White Rock Mountain with Patrick and Taylor, Elk Range, CO.
June. Crooked Couloir on Mount Audubon, Indian Peaks Wilderness, CO.
July. Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, Fiji.
August. Harebells, Gore Range, CO.
mtnloop (3)
September. Vesper and Sperry Peaks, North Cascades, WA.
October. Spider Gap, North Cascades, WA.
November. Mt. Dickerman, North Cascades, WA.
December. Mt. Rainier, WA.


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