February, NCNP


Sunday had me back in God’s own country. I don’t think I’ll ever get over the North Cascades.

Much has been made of our crappy winter this year, so I was surprised at how quick the transition to snow was around 4500′, and how decent the above-treeline coverage. More to the point, the skiing wildly exceeded expectations, other than an obligatory avalanche-debris-chute exit. I swear there was even snow you might call powder. Not much of it. But enough.

At any rate, it was a solid vertical mile of ski touring in my favorite range on earth. Luckily, I still have Monday to get my act together for the coming week.



Eldorado, the Triad, and Forbidden Peak, from left to right.



This was blissful.


Backbone Ridge and Eldorado. The Sibley High Route beckons.




Johannesburg Mountain and a gorgeous mellow ridge we didn’t have time to ski.



Steep trees and the Skagit Valley beyond.


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