Ingraham Flats + Nisqually Chute


Nisqually Chute is the obvious dog-legged line to the right of the mountain.

Three day weekends give me enough time to both follow my muse and be a dutiful grad student. Not that the latter doesn’t sometimes also involve following my muse, but it’s less of a sure bet than climbing up things and skiing down them.

This Saturday involved a long tour on Mount Rainier up from Paradise through Cathedral Gap to Ingraham Flats, then down with a detour to Nisqually Chute. It was my first extensive exploration of the great mountain (on skis), and one of those rare weather gambles that paid off: socked in at the parking lot, and subject to some impressive atmospherics in the late afternoon, but otherwise treated to brilliant sun and blue skies, with Mts. Hood, Adams, and St. Helens looming behind the shrouded Tatoosh Range to dramatic effect.

After soaking in the upper mountain and its more variable conditions, Nisqually Chute was a real treat, and easily the best turns I’ve had all season. 2000′ of 40 degree corn is hard to top.





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