Hagan Ski Mountaineering is a 90-year-old Austrian company that does a single thing very well: making ski touring equipment. The thoughtful geometry and construction of Hagan skis allows them to keep weight to an absolute minimum while handling the full range of off-piste skiing conditions — from glare ice to powder — with aplomb. It’s this balance that makes them an ideal tool for fast and light mountain travel, and weird people like me who enjoy skiing uphill as much as down. I’m excited to be joining Team Hagan in 2015, and bring their equipment from the old world Alps to their American counterpart.

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 6.29.01 PM

For 2016, I’m a member of the Seattle Running Club / Brooks Competitive Team: a nice fusion of Puget Sound’s best local running club and best local shoe company.




There are good light backpacking packs out there, and good light climbing packs, but for some reason there’s a dearth of good light ski touring packs, especially if you’d like to buy something this side of Italy. Bend, Oregon based Free Range Equipment changes that, with innovative, minimal, durable, designs .




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